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Debt Recovery

Many small businesses go under due to poor debt handling practices. Maintaining cash flow, ensuring your viability and ensuring money is coming in when due to you is why you are in business and how you stay in business.

'recover your hard earned money'

Aitken Wilson Lawyers can help you to recover your hard earned dollars where you have waited to be paid for goods or services you provided. We can structure very economic recovery strategies with you, starting from as little as $50 to send a “solicitor's” letter on your behalf. Quite often, this may do the trick and will be money well spent. We can also come to other arrangements to suit your needs if you have a need for an ongoing debt recovery service.

'agreed fees – no surprises'

If the matters are simply debt collection, we will give you an agreed up front cost of the action, starting from writing the letter of demand, to commencing court proceedings and attending the court to obtain judgment. Recovery proceedings will also be discussed with you and the cost involved in pursuing the different ways of satisfying your judgment debt. We’ll explain the entire process to you, so you are involved and there are no “surprises” at a later stage.

If the matters require more complex analysis, such as whether or not there is an enforceable agreement or any other issues that might affect the question of liability, or if the matter is defended at a hearing, then we will be happy to provide advice and appear on your behalf at our pre-agreed hourly rate.