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Workplace Health & Safety

'our services'

The injury or death of an employee in your workplace is an emotional and upsetting event which can have enormous legal and financial implications. It is important to get advice and representation as soon as possible to protect the interest of you, the employer, and the interests of other employees. Due to the emotion caused by such an event, this can be overlooked, and things said at the time quite innocently can be relied upon in Court if the matter is litigated.

We can advise and act for you in the following:

  • Immediate, comprehensive response by an individual or team, to the scene of an accident where we can advise and represent you in discussions or interviews with Inspectors from the Division of Workplace Health and Safety or the police
  • Performance of legal compliance audits of your workplace for Workplace Health and Safety, reviewing policies, procedures and systems
  • Representation in the defense of prosecutions by the Division of Workplace Health and Safety in Queensland and other authorities in other states

'our approach'

Acting in your interests, and with our experience acting for employers and employees in Workplace Health and Safety investigations and prosecutions, we would take a firm but reasonable approach with investigators to protect you, your employees and your business. Experience and judgment is essential to navigate that fine line between saying too much and co-operation.

We will look at every matter and give you an indication of your rights and obligations, and your chances of success in any litigation before you proceed with a clear, fair and reasonable expectation of the cost. Being commercial we know that it is too easy to ‘win the battle, but lose the war’.

We have big firm experience, but our costs are fair and reasonable, and we will always act in your interest. We care about the results.

'our experience'

Our lawyers have acted on site at major incidents and investigations, including deaths on construction sites and manufacturing plants, with specific experience in the construction industry. Our lawyers have acted for major corporate clients in such matters, defending prosecutions resulting from the death or injury of employees in the workplace in Courts of law and other Tribunals.

Our partner Brett Wilson managed a Judicial Inquiry into the Gretley Mine Disaster in New South Wales , and managed a team of investigators and legal staff investigating and prosecuting the employer under the New South Wales Occupational Health and Safety legislation, gaining first hand experience of the process. We have the experience necessary to protect your interests in such matters.