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Discrimination in both the workplace and iin the community generally is a growing source of litigation for employers and businesses. Each state and the Commonwealth has introduced complex and substantive legislation relating to discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, age, disability, religion, homosexuality and other numerous other attributes.

We can advise on risk management and the handling of situations that may result in litigation on the grounds of discrimination, such matters involve knowledge of the relevant legislation and how to navigate a difficult complex legislative path to achieve an objective minimizing the risk of litigation.

We have and can defend and prosecute claims regarding discrimination before Commissions, Boards and Tribunals nationally, including the Commonwealth Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and Tribunal, the Anti Discrimination Commission and Tribunal in Queensland, the Anti Discrimination Board and the Administrative Decisions Tribunal in New South Wales and the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and the Victorian Commercial and Administrative Tribunal in Victoria.

'our approach'

Due to our experience in this area of legal practice, and our knowledge of the law, we understand that matters involving claims of discrimination must be treated carefully, holistically and sensitively to minimize the risk of litigation and if the matter is litigated, ensure that you are successful.

We will discuss a strategy for your matter, and ensure that you understand the risks involved and your chances of success.

We have big firm experience, but our costs are fair and reasonable, and we will always act in your interest and do the best we can to protect your interests. We care about the results.

'our experience'

We have advised and acted for both respondents and complainants in Queensland , New South Wales , Victoria and the Commonwealth in matters involving discrimination in the workplace, in education and in the supply of services.

We are considered experts in this area of legal practice, and have experience in the drafting of Complaints, Points of Claim, Points of Defense and the evidence of witnesses and experts in such proceedings.

We not only have the legal experience, we also have the practical experience to know that sensitivity and compassion is essential in avoiding litigation and in resolving matters between parties wherever possible, but on occasions an aggressive stand must be taken to protect your interests.