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Employment Law

'our services'

The relationship between an individual employee and the employer can be as informal as a shake of the hand or as formal as a complex Executive Employment Agreement. However in both cases the parties will be contractually bound and have rights and obligations under the Employment Agreement. The better managed the process of negotiation and agreement, the less the risk of litigation or losing that litigation. We can assist you in:

  • The negotiation and drafting of Employment Agreements, simple and complex
  • The negotiation and drafting of international employment arrangements and agreements
  • The negotiation and drafting of restraint clauses and confidentiality clauses
  • Advice and representation in litigation regarding the enforcement or defense of restraint and confidentiality clauses
  • The drafting of workplace policies and procedures
  • Managing the termination of an employee
  • Representation in unfair or unlawful dismissal proceedings

'our approach'

We will approach every matter with your interests in mind, not just your legal interests, but also your commercial and workplace interests.

We will look at every matter and give you an indication of your rights and obligations, and your chances of success in any litigation before you proceed with a clear, fair and reasonable expectation of the cost. Being commercial we know that it is too easy to ‘win the battle, but lose the war’.

We have big firm experience, but our costs are fair and reasonable, and we will always act in your interest. We care about the results.

'our experience'

Our lawyers not only have legal experience, they are also commercially experienced and focused. They have managed businesses, and understand the complexities of the workplace and the legal red tape imposed on a business by regulation and government authorities.

In this area of law our lawyers advised and acted for BHP Billiton, Westpac, Qantas, Ansett, News Limited, Bond University , Steelx and Macquarie Regional Radio. We are currently the preferred legally provider to Bond University and Steelx in all matters relating to the negotiation and drafting of their Employment Agreements, Contractors Agreements and documentation relating to employees, agents and contractors.